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No clipping allowed!Demos from previous sessions

I am all about high quality, so I find it necessary to apologize in advance for these clips. In order to make them usable on the Internet, I have compressed the dynamic ranges and stored them in (lossy) mp3 format. The finished product of what I do is at least CD quality.

Houses of Worship

First Presbyterian Church, Portsmouth, VA
    Rutter - Requiem

Hidenwood Presbyterian Church, Newport News, VA
    Handel - Messiah

Churchland Baptist Church, Chesapeake, VA
    Scott and Amy in Concert

Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church, Newport News, VA


The Virginia Chorale - Young Singers Project (High School kids!)

Virginia Children's Chorus - A Celebration of Jewish Music

Gentlemen of the College, William & Mary a cappella group - Homecoming Concert

Hampton Roads Men's Chorus - Holiday Brass! - Christmas Through a Child's Eyes

The Stairwells, William & Mary a cappella group - 20th Anniversary Concert

Skylark, with Skip Hancock - Gershwin

Audition Demos

      Robynne      Jeffrey     Katherinr Darius            Jennifer       Suzanne

     Robynne        Jeffrey           Katherine       Anna           Jennifer        Suzanne

  Larry      Shoshanah        Michelle    Julian    Sandra      Shelly

     Larry          Shoshanah       Michelle        Julian           Sandra          Shelly

For Video Demos, go to my YouTube channel.

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The vast majority of recordings today are produced in sterophonic sound or "stereo". When stereo was first developed, it was a major - quantum - improvement over the previously available monophonic (mono) souund. We have two ears that pick up sounds from different directions and at slightly different times. That is what allows us to determine where a sound is coming from - human eco-location.

Most of what we produce is in stereo and that is sufficient for all but the most demanding situation. Just know, that if you need it, we can do more.




5.1 Surround Sound

The "live" sound you experience when sitting in the audience of a live performance is best captured by coding your recording in 5.1 Surround Sound. Many people now have Home Theater systems that include 5.1 Surround Sound. Making both Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound available increases your appeal to those folks who are willing to pay more for a better sound experience.

For a fairly good description of what 5.1 Surround Sound is and why you should want to record that way, go to
InnocentEar.com and read what Chris Burmajster, a British recording engineer has to say. It's a good read well worth the time.

A less technical, consumer oriented presentation can be found on www.About.com.



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