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Dear Michael,
I enjoyed working with you. [Wish I'd discovered you sooner!] I can't wait to see the CDs - I am indeed pleased with how everything turned out. 
Thanks again so very much. Wishing you and your family all the best and I'll keep you posted!
Jennifer B-V

Thank you so much Michael, for all your hard work.  I am so very grateful!!  The track you sent me is amazing.  . I will call on you again.

Robynne R.

I found myself researching what recording studios are located in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater region. Most of the studios that immediately pop up in a basic Google search seemed to look nice, but they seemed to lack a real foundational substantial philosophy that drives them. Then I came across your page like a diamond phonograph needle in a plastic haystack of artificial noise. . . I'm glad there's still professionals out there who appreciate the art that goes into recording, mixing, and mastering. 

Robert F.   

Great to work with. Extremely professional and kind and the quality of recording is excellent.

Meagan S.

Dear Michael:

I will put your check in the mail tomorrow.  Thank you very much for your excellent work.

Will the video posting be up permanently?  It needs to be available to the schools for at least 8 months. 

Many thanks -- Mary B

Ok - The sound quality sounds good. I'm hesitant to adjust anything because I don't know what it would sound like with any levels adjusted - but I like how it sounds. If you can make it sound better, by all means master it - You're much more knowledgeable in that respect than I am.  Thank you!

Julian R.


     Hey! looking over the C.D. It looks good and the mixing is GREAT. Nice Job.

Let's do a Christmas CD soon.

Dave C.


    Thank you. It's great. Let's order it. I think about 30.

                                                                     Sincerely, Sandra.

I just listened to the entire things and it all works and the graphics are good. Thank you for making this right.


I have inspected this very carefully and overall pleased.  Let’s move ahead.  Thanks for all your excellent work!

Janet P.

Thank you so much for all you did today! It made it so much easier for me to sing with you being so nice :)

Suzanne O.

Mike, I just heard your recording of my Il Est Ne on WHRO.  Great recording, many thanks.
                                                                                                                               John D.

Thank you so much for recording Sophia's concert on Saturday. We are very excited to have it preserved.

Catherine S.

I found the service rendered with total professionalism. The resulting CD's are documents in which I take great pride. I'm happy to offer an unqualified recommendation.

Glenn W.

Hi Mike-

Yay!  I think what we have will work.  I will send you my new pics and the times of the winning recordings asap.  Again, thanks for everything.  You are such a pleasure to work with!


Mr. Broadhurst,

Your great attention to detail brought out the nuances of our performance and even made XXX Hall sound good. Thank you!

Dr. B.

I've got the CD and it sounds great! I'll be sending you a check in the mail next week. Thanks!

Orson G.


You Got It!!  Let's order 200 CDs. Thanks!

Chris K.

Thanks, Mike -this is great. - Paul D.


Thank you sooo much.  You have been really easy to work with.  I will highly recommend you to other folks who are looking to make recordings.  Thank you again for fitting us into your schedule.

Jenn H.

You are a magician. The only thing that could have made it any better would be to slow it down, but you have no control over an over-zealous accompanist. Just that touch of reverb brings out those upper overtones (redundant phrasing?) enough to make it sparkle. I thank you, sir.

Sondra G.

Hey, Michael! 

I listened to the recordings this evening. They are wonderful! Thanks again! 

Stephanie H.

At the church reception today, the CD played with the slide show and was a huge hit!  Thanks for such a great job!

Terri K.


It is perfect!

Chuck W.

I never expected anything so professional. Thank you!

Matt P.

If you need a professional recording, please contact Michael Broadhurst. He is the best!

Anna S.

For those who need to produce demonstration recordings or for those small groups that want a live recording without the audience, I have access to venues with good acoustics and pianos. Contact me for details.

Michael B. Broadhurst

You love me,
you really love me . . .

We know that businesses operate for and because of a profit margin. We also know that musicians and other artists crave accolades. I really try to make you sound and look as perfect as I can. If you like what you hear and see, tell me.

Give 'em to me!

MMM Institutional Clients Include:

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral - Norfolk
Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church - Norfolk
Christ & St. Luke’s Episcopal Church - Norfolk
College of William and Mary – Williamsburg
• Common Ground
• Gentlemen of the College
• Intonations
• Wind Ensemble
• Symphony Orchestra
Faith Inclusion Network - Norfolk
First Presbyterian Church – Portsmouth
Hampton Roads Men’s Chorus
Hidenwood Presbyterian Church - Hampton
Holy Family Episcopal Church – Mills River, NC
Iron Sharpens Iron
I. Sherman Greene Chorale
King’s Grant Presbyterian Church – Virginia Beach
Ocean View Pier
St. John’s Episcopal - Hampton
St. Paul’s Episcopal - Norfolk
The Tidewater Winds Concert and Big Band
The Virginia Chorale
The Williams School – Norfolk
Trinity Episcopal Church - Portsmouth
Virginia Opera Association
Warwick River Mennonite Church – Newport News

MMM Individual Clients
For Privacy Reasons, I do not list individuals’ names. Be assured, I have successfully recorded many individuals seeking either graduate school acceptance/placement or direct entry into professional performances (auditions).
Also, there are numerous “vanity recordings” intended for legacy use (“I want my grandchildren to know I could sing or play.” “I want to record all these songs I have written for my children, (grandchildren, great grandchildren).” “I just need to hear myself before I go any further”.

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