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Mike's Mobile Mics - On-Location Digital Audio Recording

Mike's Mobile Mics

On-Site Audio and Video Recording

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Mike's Mobile Mics
for the best in live digital audio and video recording

We offer:

  • Professional on-site audio recording

  • Tasteful Mastering

  • Stereo or 5.1 Surround Sound

  • Partnership with you, the artist

Great recordings where you are

Heading to the recording studio is suitable in some situations, but when you are performing for an audience, the juices are flowing, the sound is real. Capture it live!

Why record live?

Live music, live sound has a unique character that is the combination of a good acoustical environment (the hall) and the mental focus of performers who are cognizant of the "one-time" nature of a live performance. The excitement of performing for an audience cannot be duplicated in the studio; the ambient reflections of a well-designed venue cannot be replicated even by the best electronic sound effects. Nothing beats real. 

Capture that real sound by having the audio engineer and his mobile recording studio come to you for remote, on-location digital audio recording.

We can record and produce either 5.1 Surround Sound, CD quality Stereo or Stereo mp3.

Who uses Mike's Mobile Mics?

Our clients make recordings for sale as fund-raisers, as audition demos, as archives or as a service to their constituency. Wherever you are in Hampton Roads, Virginia whether it's Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, Smithfield, Isle of Wight county, Williamsburg or James City County and whatever your reason to capture your sound, I will work with you to create what you need.

Our clients include:

  • musicians needing an audition CD - they gotta hear you before they hire you
  • churches that want to capture a live musical service - and sell the CDs
  • church organists/recitalists - I love pipe organs!
  • school bands, orchestras and choral groups - for souvenirs and fund-raisers
  • professional and semi-professional orchestras and wind bands - seeking a "real" sound
  • professional and semi-professional choral groups and choirs - CDs lend credibility
  • small ensembles, string quartets, duos, trios, woodwind quintets, etc.
  • acoustic jazz combos / bluegrass bands - sell CDs on line
  • recitalists / concert performers - get the sound out there
  • conferences - sell the conference again on CD
  • depositions - as an addition to the stenographer

For those who need to produce demonstration recordings or for those small groups that want a live recording without the audience, I have access to venues with good acoustics and pianos. Contact me for details.


Contact us today to schedule your recording session.

Mike's mics

Mike's mics can capture your sound
the way it is meant to be heard!

Services we offer:

  • Mobile location audio recording services

  • Live Recording, editing and mastering

  • Large or small run CD production, 1 or 10,000

  • CD case and label design and production

  • Special Audio Projects including old tape or LP restoration and transcription to CD

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